"Workable and holistic solutions for your project"

Alamega P.P.M is a project planning and management organization based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and part of Alamega Consult's (Sdn Bhd) arm in project management and training. This organization aims to provide professional services in construction projects mainly to vendors and contractors. The long-term goals are to get all parties familiar with professional project management services, to acknowledge the stature of highly skilled technical and tactical project planning works, and to capitalize on earned value and savings through cost control agility and ability.

Our contribution is not limited to our professional services. We professionals pledge to disseminate project management knowledge for government agencies as part of our corporate social responsibility.  


Project planning is about planning to avoid failure with right deliverables.


Project management is about balancing quality, cost and time


Project control is about juggling money, machine, manpower and materials




 Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah is spearheading the organization with the assistance from Datuk Dr. Syed Naguib as an associate - who has a portfolio consisting of planning works worth billions of ringgit locally and internationally. The organization capitalizes on industrial experience as well as adopting some methodological approaches from academia in order to provide holistic solutions in planning and project management for all parties.

Datuk Dr. Syed Naguib

Dr. Syed Naguib or cordially known as Doc Syed is the advisor and associate for Alamega P.P.M. 

He is a reputable master planner and involved in various mega projects since the 90's such as KLIA, KLIA 2, KLCC, Putrajaya as well as for 32 United Nation Projects. Dr. Syed heads Project Planners & Management (SA22323 D).

Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah

Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah is the project planning and management principal for Alamega P.P.M and an associate of Alamega Konsult.

With specialization in structure repair works and experience in mega projects project planning is his forte. He has been involved with planning works with PETRONAS in SOGT and SAMUR. Currently, He is assisting with planning work for one of the Pan Borneo Highway Packages.

Ts. Ir. Josue Lozitin

Ts. Ir. Josue Lozitin is the Principal for Alamega Konsult with vast experience in civil, structural and geotechnical consultation.

Previously, he was heavily involved in supervision, construction and project management during his tenure in Kumpulan IKRAM (Sabah), SPNB Sabah and recently Pan Borneo Highway Project.

Ir. Moses Sondoh

Ir. Moses Sondoh is another associate of Alamega Konsult who has experience in local authorities submission and design management.

 Guided by experience with SPNB, Ir. Moses Sondoh specializes in project planning for high-rise and steel structures, and road construction. He coordinates the Pan Borneo Highway Project.

Ts. Ir. Ziki Theni

Ts. Ir. Ziki Theni is an aspiring professional engineer with great exposure to seismic engineering. He specialises in planning and design for seismic works, urban storms and hydrological studies.

Mrs. Cathy Aqunia

Mrs. Cathy is a highly experienced civil engineer and usually involved in project control (cost control and construction management). Apart from project management experience, Cathy is a certified MS Project Professional.

Ir. Farid Zulkipli

Ir. Farid Zulkipli is the Principal of Jurutera Inovasi and a local associate for this Service.

He specializes in jetty and bridge design and construction apart from road design. He is also involved with  the construction of SESB substations and landfill.

Dr. Radzif Taharin

Dr. Radzif Taharin is an associate and also a senior lecturer for project management in University Malaysia Sabah. Previously, he was involved in project management for SHELL.

Now, he is a doctorate holder specializing in geotechnical and GIS applications.

Ir. Norsadin Samshuddin

Ir. Norsadin Samshuddin is the Principal of Konsultan Azam Sempurna and a local associate for this service.

He is specialized in structural repair, restrengthening and rehabilitation works apart from road and infrastructure design, development and construction.


Our Office


Alamega PPM at Lot 12-2, Block B, Plaza Utama Jalan Penampang Bypass, 88300, Penampang, Sabah.


Admin @. alamegappm. com